Guide for Registration and Admissions – Associate Degree in B.Sc English for Medical Students

1. Eligibility to take Associate B.Sc English Exam:

  • Enrolled as a regular student in any registered medical college of Pakistan and,
  • Passed 2nd Year MBBS
  • Note: Students can take this associate degree exam any time after passing 2nd Proff (2nd Year), even in final year and house job.

2. General Guidelines:

  • Read all the post carefully. If you encounter any concern not mentioned here, WhatsApp us on 0337-3330360
  • Students can take this exam in house job and final year as well.
  • Associate degree is very important in case you are planning to persue your career outside Pakistan, even as a doctor.
  • It is important if you want to join Civil Services after MBBS or you want to persue you career in Masters in Science alongwith MBBs.
  • The process of registration for this exam is a three-step process; 1. Apply for an NOC from your University (UHS, FJMU, KEMU etc.), 2. Applying for registration in The University of Punjab, 3. Once registered as a Private Student, sending admission for B.Sc English Exam

3. 🕧 Tentative Timelines:

Registration FeeLast Dates of Submission
Single Fee Rs. 62009th Oct 2023 to 1st Jan 2024
Single Fee + Late Fee (Rs. 1000)= Rs. 72002nd Jan 2024 to 31st Jan 2024
Double Fee Rs. 124001st Feb 2024 to 15th March 2024
UHS N.O.C form (for UHS students only)Urgent: 7 days, Standard: 15-20 days
Arrival of PU registration card at your home16th March to 15th April 2024
B.Sc English Exam Tentative DatesAugust 2024
ResultDecember 2024
Apply for degreeAfter 60 days of result – Rs. 3600,
1 Year after result – FREE 😃
Actual dates may vary slightly. Check P.U website for updated dates.

4. How to Register as a Private Candidate in The University of Punjab:

  1. Step-by-step instructions on the registration process for private candidates, including necessary forms, fees, and contact details for any assistance required.
  2. STEP # 1: Apply for N.O.C from your university. This NOC states that the university allows you to take associate degree B.Sc exam. Consult your relevant university for this form. For UHS students, they can download it from UHS website or from the link below. NOC form requires all documents to be attested from the Principal or Vice Principal of your medical college.
  3. UHS NOC FORM: University of Health Sciences – For World Class Professionals (
    or download the PDF file attached at the end of this section.
  4. UHS NOC Fee challan form can be downloaded from here (see image below for reference): Custom Challans (
  5. Note: UHS takes 15-20 days to send NOC to your medical college. Plan your dates accordingly
  6. Once your NOC has arrived, get it photocopied for your records.
  7. STEP # 2: Now visit the online portal of The University of Punjab and sign-up as a private student at the following website:
  8. Punjab University Students Portal Link: (Note: Some browsers/internet connections may not open this link because it is not secure – in that case, change browser or internet connection to open the website.)
  9. Upload all the relevant documents in scanned PDF.
  10. At the end of the process you will be presented with a challan form. Download and print it, submit the challan to any of the mentioned banks, scan the paid receipt of the challan form and upload it.
  11. This concludes your registration process. Expect your registration card from mid of March 2024 to mid of April 2024. If it hasn’t arrived, call student affairs in The University of Punjab.

5. How to Apply for the Exam:

  • STEP # 3: Once you have received your registration card, which looks like something in the picture below.
  • Head over to the students portal of The University of Punjab at this link:
  • Select your exam: B.Sc English Associate degree in Science Special Category Part 2 (Note: Exam will only appear when the admissions are open around April 2024)
  • In the center selection category: Choose that center which is easier for you to go on the day of exam. First you have to select City, choose that city from which you can appear, this is specially important if you are a hostel resident. Then within your selected city you may see multiple centers, select the one which is convenient for you regarding your location.
  • Note: These centers are your preferred centers and are available on first come first serve basis. Please note that The University of Punjab may change your center (within same city) on your roll number slip. Only centers can change, selected city will not change. KEEP THIS IN MIND AND OBSERVATION.
  • Once you have submitted all information, again there will be a challan form, download, print and submit it again like before. This is your EXAM FEE.
  • Regularly visit the website of The University of Punjab around April – June to know exam dates. You will have to download your Roll Number Slips from the university website.

WhatsApp us on +92337-3330360 to be added to B.Sc Guidance Group 2024.

6. Paper Pattern:

  • Question 1: Prose (50 Marks), Attempt any 3 out of 5
    Comprises of simple questions given at the end of each chapter, you have to read all chapters/stories to be able to answer these questions. Usually these questions are the whole summary of the chapter. Each answer should be on 2 sides of a page. You can easily obtain 35 marks in this portion.
  • Question 2: Comprehension and Precis Writing (15 Marks):
    This portion is very easy. There will be a paragraph given and a few questions below it. Read the paragraph and answer the questions below. This portion gives you 15/15 marks easily.
  • Question 3: Report Writing (10 Marks):
    You will be given a topic to write a report on, for example, Write a report on Smog and it’s effects, you will have to address it to the relevant authority and write 2-3 pages of report. This portion can give you 7 marks. For practice, consult the book mentioned in heading 7
  • Question 4: Translation from Urdu into English (10 Marks):
    You will be given a paragraph in Urdu. Translate into English. This portion can give you full 10 marks.
  • Question 5: Essay (300 words essay required, approx 3-4 pages) (15 Marks)
    Write at least 3-4 pages. Use marker to highlight important quotes. Write 2 quotes per page at least. You can obtain 10 marks in this part easily.

7. 📖 How to Study & Recommended Books:

  • You only need 1 week to prepare for this exam. Don’t worry, you are e medical student, you passed hectic proffs, this exam would be a walk in the park for you.
  • Recommended Books:
    a. A selection of English Prose for B.Sc students – published by Caravan Book House (to attempt 1st Question)
  • b. B.Sc English Simple Grammar & Composition – by Prof Zia Ur Rehman Khan (to attempt remaining Questions)

8. 😎 Results of students of Edukator 360 year 2023:

If you found this guide useful, share it with others and remember us in your prayers. Allah will reward you for this Sadqa-e-Jaria. JazakAllah

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