How it all started…

I have always been trying to explore the world, trying to learn as many skills as I could because staying at one place, doing only one task is just not my cup of coffee. Therefore I have been into making YouTube videos since 2016, writing content for some technology websites and I currently am a student of Final Year M.B.B.S, which comes as a surprise that a student of Medical Sciences is doing all this while keeping up with his studies, but yes that is true.

I joined 360 Muslim Experts in September 2021 as a Social Media Head and by the grace of Almighty soon got promoted to the prestigious post of Central Vice President of 360 Muslim Experts after performing my duties as Technical Director for a couple of months.

Every year, 360 Muslim Experts encourages its team to launch premium projects. Every project is premium, don’t get me wrong, but by premium I mean a project that goes global, beyond the stars and landing on the moon. And we have done several projects like these in the past, but they all had one major flaw, ‘they were all good while they lasted and once they were over, poof, nothing of them remained except memories, that will soon be wiped by new projects.

This gave me an idea about creating an everlasting project, a project which would exist as long as 360 Muslim Experts exists, to an eternity inshAllah. 

So I created an LMS, Edukator 360, putting several hours of efforts into it with 3 major goals.

  • Uniting teachers and students on a single platform.
  • Enabling students to earn for themselves while at the same time keeping the resources affordable for the learners.
  • An organized way of learning, with resources lasting permanently

With that being said, I present you Edukator 360, the project loved and supported by everyone. I have a vision that soon this project will break the barriers and will be one of the largest students’ platform with the main goal of doing charity. Yes, of all the revenue generated as a share of 360 Muslim Experts, it goes towards noble causes, running expenditures of the organization and providing budgets for our events.

I thank Allah Almighty for making me able to set up this noble platform. 

I expect huge support from you and welcome you all to give Edukator 360 a try.

With that being said, this is Zarwan Tanveer signing out. Allah Hafiz


Zarwan Tanveer

Founder Edukator 360 | Central Vice President 360 Muslim Experts.

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